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5 Holiday Search Engine Marketing Strategies

With the Holidays rapidly approaching, now’s the time for businesses eager to cash in on some of that additional online traffic to kick their search marketing strategies into high gear. Here are five of the most effective practices you can begin putting into practice now in order to cash in on that dramatically increased online shopping activity.

Plan Ahead for the Holiday Season

No successful ecommerce marketing strategy just “happens.” All are meticulously planned, with keen attention paid to SEM methods that will maximize results. This isn’t to say that you can’t put together an effective online retail marketing campaign on short notice – but the sooner you begin, the better position you’ll be in to brainstorm effective keywords, launch paid marketing campaigns, and leverage your online presence – including a company blog, Twitter feed and Facebook profile – to achieve the season’s full selling potential.

Pour Money Into Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

These are those highly visible (and incidentally, not so cheap to run) ads that appear on Google and contain images of your product, keyword rich text, and prices so that interested searchers can click directly on your product. PLAs historically attract significantly higher click through rates than traditional text based advertisements, and there’s no better time of year to run them than during the Holiday season when online shopping is at its peak.

Increase Your Bids on Effective Pay Per Click Keywords

Knowing when to boost your bids on certain keywords is contingent upon your ability to look back at past performance. This will tell you exactly when profitability is at its highest and will prevent you from spending too much of your budget on days when click through rates have been historically lower.

Run Coupons and Promotions

People love saving money almost as much as they love to buy stuff. But when you combine the two, you’ve got the makings of a combination punch that could serve to push your sales through the roof. Throw in the upcoming Holidays, and you could be looking at a veritable gold mine. Some of the most effective promotions are free shipping, buy-one-get-one-free, and deeply discounted coupons (25 to 50 percent off an order). The closer the Holidays draw near, be sure to boost the sense of urgency by reminding your online customers that deals are set to expire on a certain date.

Bet on Your Social Followers

Facebook is no longer just a way for people to keep up with family and old friends. More and more, people are using social media sites to inform their online purchases. For this reason, it’s critical to have an established social media presence – and to use that presence to create interest around your goods and services. Offering special deals to your social media followers can help drive increased sales.

If you’re just getting started considering online retail marketing and SEM as an option, it’s never too late to get started – there’s always another Holiday shopping season waiting just a few pages down the calendar. Those just getting started can gain ground by working with a third party online marketing firm like Digital Net Agency, which is staffed with professionals who can review your past performance and deliver catered search engine marketing strategies to help you maximize your profitability. Visit www.digitalnetagency.com to learn more. DNA offers SEO, SEM, keyword rich content creation, mobile search optimization, affiliate marketing management, and competitive intelligence to drive increased business and optimum revenue.

Aaron Baker

About Aaron Baker

Chief Executive Office and Founder at Digital Net Agency. Aaron has over 10 years of advertising experience, and is an expert affiliate marketer. Previously, he served as Executive Vice President of Atrinsic Interactive, an Advertising Age Top 25 Search Agency. Prior to joining Atrinsic Interactive, Aaron served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Pepperjam, an eBay Company (NASDAQ:EBAY). At Pepperjam, he was responsible for managing the sales organization and service delivery across search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, social media and display media buying solutions. Early on in his career, he also served as the Director of Interactive Services for Entercom Communications (NYSE:ETM). Aaron attended the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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