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Control your brand with the most proactive affiliate program management team in the industry!

DNA Affiliate Program Management Services:

Considered low-risk and reasonable in its initial cost, affiliate marketing has often generated one of the most favorable returns on investment across all online channels in the United States.

However, to truly benefit from an affiliate program, do not place your affiliate program management on auto-approval, launch on as many networks as possible or think you can “set-it and forget it”.  Control your brand and use the affiliate channel as an extension of your sales team.  By treating your affiliates as partners and taking control of how they promote you, the channel becomes one of the most manageable online.

DNA, the leading affiliate management agency for premiere brands, creates relationships with your affiliates to ensure they are portraying your brand as desired: utilizing correct logos, adhering to PPC rules and regulations, promoting current coupons and more.

To facilitate a successful affiliate marketing campaign, this day-to-day management of the program is crucial.  Affiliate program management must take a proactive approach and be informed of other online marketing channels decisions – from paid search to social media and beyond.

In addition to managing existing affiliates, the DNA team uses ground breaking recruitment strategies and over a decade of industry experience to allow your program to grow while aligning with your overall customer acquisition goals.

Affiliate Program Management Overview:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Affiliate Optimization
  • Customized Reporting
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Niche Recruitment
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • KPI Alignment
  • Newsletter and Blog Creation

Affiliate Networks:

We’ve tried most in the industry. Based on your goals and your budgets, we will recommend the network for you. Here are some of the most trusted and effective Affiliate Networks in the industry that we partner with for our clients’ success. If your preferred network is not listed here, don’t worry. We work with any network that you choose.

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