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5 Digital Marketing Rules You Should Break

When it comes to digital marketing, you know exactly what to do. You’ve read all the “rules” and stick to them. It might surprise you to learn, though, that many of these “must-do” strategies are best ignored. Changing the way you implement these five digital marketing

How Voice Will Change Online Search

With voice-based search services such as Siri and Google Now readily available to mobile users, the way people interact with search engines is changing. As more users make the switch, webmasters will have to adjust their SEO efforts accordingly. Changing Queries Instead of sitting down at the comput

Setting Your Business Up for Success During the Online Holiday Shopping Season

Here at DNA, we are in full swing with the online holiday shopping season, even though it is only September. Many of our clients are looking to capture that elusive consumer holiday money since more and more consumers are finding it easier to do their holiday shopping online rather than dealing with

Why We’re Passionate About Digital Marketing

Do we love what we do because we’re the best at it? Or are we the best because we love what we do? Not only does our team of industry experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles, but all of us here at Digital Net Agency share a single driving force…

DNA’s Employee of the Month for August 2014 – Erin Tanner

Because she’s Miss Tanner, and she’s AWEEESOOOOOME! Congrats to DNA’s Employee of the Month for August 2014 – Erin Tanner. You deserve it, Erin! Thank you for all your hard work! If you would like to work with Digital Marketing experts like Erin, then contact DNA today for a websit

Google Authorship: The End of Author Influence?

Google’s recent decision to remove Authorship from search results, and stop tracking the related markup, spells an end to this “thought leadership” experiment. Launched in 2011, Google’s Authorship function was intended to provide a way to link together all content created by

Taking Your Digital Marketing Strategy from “Pre” to “Post” Labor Day

Labor Day signals the end of the summer marketing period and the start of a new season. To make the most of this change, you’ll have to adjust your digital marketing strategy to match the coming shift in customer buying behaviors. The Seasonal Turning Point Holidays come up fast after Labor Da

Working with Digital Marketing Agencies: Understanding the Tools

When working with a digital marketing agency, it’s important to be well-informed throughout the decision-making processes. Keep in mind that when you’re choosing a team of industry experts to manage your digital marketing efforts, you’re also shopping for the effective digital marketing tools

A New Era of SEM Kicks Off with Google AdWords Giving Exact Match the Boot

If exact match keywords are a big part of your Google AdWords campaigns, take notice. Starting in late September, Google is introducing a change that will impact the SEM strategies of businesses using AdWords. Instead of allowing advertisers to choose between exact match and close variant keywords,

DNA’s Employee of the Month for July 2014 – Jenn Baker

The Most Electrifying Lady In Digital Marketing Congrats to DNA’s Employee of the Month for July 2014 – Jenn Baker. You deserve it, Jenn! Thank you for all your hard work! If you would like to work with Digital Marketing experts like Jenn, then contact DNA today for a website evaluation.