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Ranking Factors Every Webmaster Must Consider in 2014

It’s impossible to guess the exact combination of factors that Google uses to rank pages, but thanks to studies by sites such as Searchmetrics, you can get a good idea of what to focus on. Based on the search results from over 10,000 keywords, the following elements have the biggest influence on h

Getting to Know Topgrading

Developed in the 1990s by Brad Smart, Topgrading is an interview process used by DNA and other employers use to find the “A players” among a group of potential hires. The goal is to reduce or eliminate poor hiring choices, thus saving companies from the expense of a high turnover rate. B

Keeping On Top of Your Affiliate Program During the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is one of the busiest times of year for retailers. As an affiliate marketer, this is a prime time for you to take advantage of seasonal buying behaviors. Maximizing profits at this time of year means staying on top of your affiliate campaign throughout the season. Review

Creating a Holiday SEM Strategy that Boosts Business

The holiday season may seem like a long way off, but many shoppers have already begun considering what to purchase. That’s why, as a business owner, you need to start focusing your SEM strategy on the holidays now, before the season sneaks up on you and profitable opportunities are lost in the

Why Google May Not Be Indexing Your Site Properly

The only way for your website to show up in Google’s search results is for the search giant’s crawlers to index it. If your site isn’t appearing, all the work you’ve done on design, content creation and SEO is going to waste. Figuring out which pages have been indexed is as s

Does an HTTPS URL Increase Search Ranking?

Recently, Google revealed that it has an algorithm in place giving a small rankings boost to secure sites—those with HTTPS URLs rather than HTTP. It’s interesting to note that, despite only 10 percent of URLs using the HTTPS protocol, 30 percent of page one search results on Google are secur

DNA’s Employee of the Month for September 2014 – Kaitlin Kochie

WHAT WHAT!? Congrats to DNA’s Employee of the Month for September 2014 – Kaitlin Kochie. You deserve it, Kaitlin! Thank you for all your hard work! If you would like to work with Digital Marketing experts like Kaitlin, then contact DNA today for a website evaluation.

Rules of Attraction: Finding the Ideal Affiliate Partners

Quality partners with a wide reach are essential to running a successful affiliate program. Whether you link up with individual influencers or well-known sites, the point is to drive traffic to your business and increase sales by broadening your customer base. Affiliate Benefits Working with affilia

Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords: Building, Bidding, Balancing & Beyond

To create a successful PPC marketing campaign, you have to maximize your monetary investment by focusing on keywords that create the most conversions. This means balancing your efforts between branded and non-branded search phrases. Branded Marketing Opportunities A branded keyword is a search term

Here is How Windows 9 Will Change SEO

Now, follow me on this one. Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant app first appeared on Windows 8.1 phones, and it’s rumored to be an integral part of the upcoming Windows 9 release. This integration could mean big changes for SEO as more people begin using voice-based, per

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