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Digital Marketing – A Brief Overview: An Intern’s Perspective

Digital Net Agency (DNA) offers a wide variety of digital marketing services. As a college student studying marketing, I thought I had a well-rounded understanding of the marketing field. As I prepared to interview for an internship at DNA, and began working for the company, I quickly realized I was

Knowing What to Expect from a Display Campaign

There are numerous companies that have a strong presence on the web, yet when it comes to display advertising, they always seem to be a bit behind the competition. And although they offer a strong product or service and use some of today’s most effective ad targeting technology, in terms of di

Why All Remarketing Campaigns are Not Created Equally

Remarketing campaigns are becoming more and more popular amongst certain well-trafficked websites, as they can tailor ads to each visitor based on information that exists on their habits and interests. Not only does this feature on a website make advertisers happier and more comfortable with paying

Webinars Worth Watching

When striving to take your business to the next level, a digital agency can provide invaluable insights and support. Signing on with a digital marketing agency or SEO agency can accelerate performance. Watching digital marketing webinars can also help to educate you about the best and most cutting-e

Finding the Best Time to Post to Facebook

If you’re wondering “what is the best time to post to your Facebook fan page in 2014”, then you’ve come the right place.  However, there is no single best time to post to Facebook.  Every Facebook fan page is different because every fan page’s audience is different.    There is no one

How To Improve Affiliate Management to Improve the Bottom Line

Affiliate marketing is a highly competitive business. Managers must work to maintain day to day control over an affiliates’ efforts and how a brand appears to the customer. Successful affiliate management for a large network of marketers can be exceedingly difficult. As a digital agency will tell

Creative Communications: How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Strengthen Client Relationships

The nature of digital marketing work can seem elusive to many clients, who are handing you the keys to their online presence and trusting you to influence traffic, conversion rates, and audience visibility. A digital agency faces many obstacles when it comes to communications and relationship develo

DNA’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

Digital Marketing can be a difficult field to break into or even to simply follow but with the help of some truly great blogs, anyone can flex their marketing muscles with ease. Here are ten internet marketing blogs that are well worth the time to check out. Anyone looking for a great digital market

DNA Wins Kenshoo Award

Digital Net Agency (DNA) were the proud recipients of the Infinite Workflow Optimization Award at Kenshoo’s Inaugural K8 Summit in Sausalito, California this past Monday. The award was in recognition of the work that DNA put in with one of their premier clients while leveraging many of the cut

How Your Customer Rewards Program also Rewards Your Business

Reciprocity. It’s the foundation of every great business relationship, including the one between you and your best customers. So, the question your business needs to ask is, “Are we providing our customers with enough value to keep them buying from us no matter what new competitors enter the are