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Digital Net Agency CEO, Aaron Baker, Joins TecBridge Board of Directors

Congratulations to Aaron Baker, CEO of Digital Net Agency, for his acceptance to TecBridge‘s Board of Directors! TecBridge Welcomes New Board Members TecBridge is constantly working to foster entrepreneurship in Northeastern Pennsylvania by expanding its network of dedicated individuals. At th

Last Minute Holiday Updates for Your eCommerce Site – Yes, There IS Still Time!

With the holiday shopping season in full swing (Christmas is just two weeks away!), chances are good you aren’t currently adding many new products to your site. You’ve been preparing for weeks or months, and are hopefully reaping the benefits as you read this. So your Holiday 2014 work is done,

DNA’s Employee of the Month for November 2014 – Mark Covert

Uhhh… Khakis. Congrats to DNA’s Employee of the Month for November 2014 – Mark Covert. You deserve it, Mark! Thank you for all your hard work! If you would like to work with Digital Marketing experts like Mark, then contact DNA today for a website evaluation.

Affiliate Marketing: Quality Vs. Quantity

One of the top fallacies about affiliate marketing is that the more affiliates you have, the more revenue you will generate. However, blindly accepting as many affiliates as possible and hoping for the best can not only prevent desired sales results but also sully your brand. To maximize your chance

How Do Images Affect Search Behavior?

We live in a visually saturated world. No matter where we turn, a multitude of things crowd our visual field competing for a brief moment of our attention. Our eyeballs process more imagery and text today than any previous period in human history. As a result of this sensory overload, standing out b

Landing Page Designs for Multiple Campaign Platforms

Separate from your main site, landing pages need to be designed to match each of your specific marketing campaigns and convey exactly what you want visitors to do when they click through. A Compelling Landing Page Design Simplicity is the key element of any landing page. Users equate simple design w

IT… is the most important SEO keyword to date

SEO is changing. You’ve seen it in blog posts – Penguin 3.0 this, the end of authorship that. What you might not have noticed though, is that Google is getting smarter than ever before. Here is a quick exercise to see exactly how much so. Pick up any android device and do a Google voice&hell

DNA’s Employee of the Month for October 2014 – CJ Luciani

!!!BOOM!!! Congrats to DNA’s Employee of the Month for October 2014 – CJ Luciani. You deserve it, CJ! Thank you for all your hard work! If you would like to work with Digital Marketing experts like CJ, then contact DNA today for a website evaluation.

Growing Mobile Ad Conversions Call for Fresh SEM Strategies

Are you using the right SEM strategies for your business to take advantage of the ever-increasing number of mobile consumers? With a new study released by Marin Software showing a big increase in mobile conversions, it’s time to start focusing more attention on this lucrative market. Mobile Co

Ranking Factors Every Webmaster Must Consider in 2014

It’s impossible to guess the exact combination of factors that Google uses to rank pages, but thanks to studies by sites such as Searchmetrics, you can get a good idea of what to focus on. Based on the search results from over 10,000 keywords, the following elements have the biggest influence on h

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