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Critical Holiday Search Retargeting Strategies

Search retargeting is different from traditional site retargeting in one very crucial way: search retargeting sets its sights squarely on customers that have never visited your site. These are online users who have previously searched for a term or keyword relevant to your business, but who have never been rightfully introduced to your brand. This method of retargeting, which is a relatively new marketing tactic, is being rapidly embraced by businesses all across the internet as an effective way to win new business. And with the start of the Holiday shopping season only a month away, experts are reminding online marketers that there’s no time like the present to seize upon that golden opportunity.

Here are some considerations to bear in mind when implementing your search retargeting strategy.

– Success is equivalent to scale. We won’t lie to you. Search retargeting isn’t free. With the knowledge that online marketers both large and small will be hitting the search engines hard in an effort to sway new customers, you may be wondering at what point does it become no longer profitable to invest in a search retargeting campaign if you’re going up against a behemoth of industry? The answer to that depends on one thing: what your existing brand exposure is. Companies will find that the longer they’ve worked to create a unique brand, the better their retargeting results will be. Likewise, a company’s ability to differentiate itself from the competition is critical in achieving success at any sort of retargeting campaign.

– It’s all about intent. Smart search engine marketing strategies require that you read the intent of web surfers based on their use of certain keywords. If you have no methodology in place to determine this, your efforts are sunk before they’ve begun. Being able to make your search retargeting efforts work requires that you have an understanding not only of your existing customer base, but those customers you’ve yet to win over. Far too few companies are able to pull these kinds of statistics from their sales data, to their detriment. If you’re going to embark upon a search retargeting campaign at all, it’s critical that you have analytic software that can guide you through this sometimes difficult process.

– Sometimes, excluding potential customers from your efforts pays off. If you’re looking to appeal to new business, there is a certain amount of sacrifice that goes along with that. In short, you’ve got to purposefully not target individuals who have purchased from you before – even if you think that an easy sale may come from it as a result. Focusing your efforts only on those whose attention you’ve yet to get may not always guarantee a sale, but it does serve the purpose of achieving greater exposure. This is the ultimate goal of search retargeting.

For more information on how your business can benefit from search retargeting, visit www.digitalnetagency.com. Digital Net Agency (DNA) is a third party firm staffed with a team of professionals with experience in Google retargeting and ecommerce marketing.

Aaron Baker

About Aaron Baker

Chief Executive Office and Founder at Digital Net Agency. Aaron has over 10 years of advertising experience, and is an expert affiliate marketer. Previously, he served as Executive Vice President of Atrinsic Interactive, an Advertising Age Top 25 Search Agency. Prior to joining Atrinsic Interactive, Aaron served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Pepperjam, an eBay Company (NASDAQ:EBAY). At Pepperjam, he was responsible for managing the sales organization and service delivery across search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, social media and display media buying solutions. Early on in his career, he also served as the Director of Interactive Services for Entercom Communications (NYSE:ETM). Aaron attended the United States Military Academy at West Point.

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