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DNA’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

Digital Marketing can be a difficult field to break into or even to simply follow but with the help of some truly great blogs, anyone can flex their marketing muscles with ease. Here are ten internet marketing blogs that are well worth the time to check out. Anyone looking for a great digital marketing blog can be sure to find one listed here.

  1. MagiC Bean LabMat Morrison- this blog focuses on social media analytics which in this day and age, is incredibly helpful. This site can help anyone figure out what they are going to do in regards to social media. This is great for those that want a site that can truly help them learn about how to effectively use social media. Here is a great article to check out- LinkedIn Campaigns
  1. The BrandBuilderthis site focuses on social media ROI and is perfect for anyone that is looking for a site that explains what social media can do to help marketing. This site overall helps users determine how to embed social media as part of their business and as part of their marketing. Here is a great article to check out- Game Change: Moneyball And The Reality Of Social Business.
  1. Brian Solisthis site again focuses on social media and helps those that read it to determine how to use it to their benefit. It also brings up several interesting points about social media and how it is used today to further and hinder marketing as a whole. Here is a great article to check out- #Philoselfie: Science behind selfie-expression
  1. Social Media Explorerthis blog focuses on the use of social media and how it functions in our society today. This site is great for those that want to take a deeper look at social media but have little idea where to start. This site also has plenty of actionable tips for those that are eager to use social media to their advantage. Here is a great article to check out- Social media ROI is nothing but a numbers game
  1. Smart Insightsthis blog helps users of all skill sets determine how to use digital marketing to their advantage. It helps those looking to understand digital marketing get a grasp on both basic and advanced topics that they may not be able to grasp on their own. Here is a great article to check out- Practical approaches to better content governance
  1. Econsultancythis blog is based on informing readers of news in the digital marketing realm. This blog focuses on letting those that read into the inner workings of what is actually happening in digital marketing. Here is a great article to check out- Six cute examples of email design and creative
  1. John Dohertythis blog focuses on link building which is always helpful in digital marketing. The blog not only explains the importance of link building but also how to go about creating useful and workable links. Here is a great article to check out- The Difference Between Agency and Inhouse Marketing
  1. Emerging Spacesthis blog focuses on big brand insight and the information that dictates our supermarket organization today. This makes it easy for readers to see what is truly going on in the supermarkets today. Here is a great article to check out- THROUGH A GLASS… CLEARLY?
  1. The UX Booththis blog is focused on the user experience overall. This is great for anyone that is looking to figure out just what users are experiencing when encountering digital marketing. Here is a great article to check out- Designing Digital Strategies, Part 1: Cartography
  1. The Moz Blogthis is another great resource for anyone looking to find a site that offers the most current and up to date news, posts from various bloggers in tons of different fields, and a blog that is easy to read and understand. Here is a great article to check out- Mobile Site Audit Checklist


Kaitlin Kochie

About Kaitlin Kochie

Account Manager, Display & Social Media at DNA - Prior to joining DNA as a Social Media Associate in 2013, Kaitlin Kochie spent 5 years as a publicity, communication and social media professional, working in various roles with talented teams at WWE, Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University.

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