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Revise Your SEO Strategies Post-Panda & Penguin

Post Penguin SEO Strategies

If you’re not familiar with some of Google’s more colorful terminologies, hearing words Panda and Penguin bandied about might make you laugh. But once you learn precisely what Panda and Penguin do, that smile may disappear from your face only to be replaced with a look of sincere attention. The fact is, they’re not silly kid’s games – rather, Panda and Penguin are the names of two Google initiatives intended to rid the internet of websites that use “black hat” methods of ranking high in the search engine – techniques like keyword stuffing, publishing duplicate (and even triplicate) content, and a bunch of other sleazy ploys intended to game the algorithms in their favor.

The good news is, if you’re working with an honest, reputable SEO agency that plays by the rules and actually concentrates on “white hat” techniques like creating quality content, you’ve got nothing to worry about. All the same, some of the changes that Google has implemented are so far reaching that it may still leave your company in need of a Panda and Penguin recovery makeover. Here are the 2 best ways to accomplish that.

Post-Panda & Penguin SEO Strategies, Focus on Lots of Unique Quality Content

You don’t need anyone to explain to you the importance of quality content with respect to your SEO rankings, or that all-important customer engagement principle. It’s one of the simplest concepts to grasp, yet oddly enough not all SEO companies emphasize it. Simply put, if you want people to visit your business website, you have to give them something worth their while when they get there. Nobody wants to get hit with the hard sell when they visit a commercial website, even if that’s precisely why it’s in existence in the first place. Unique, non-boilerplate content is vital to this, as it is to raising your visibility in the search engines. Both Panda and Penguin use numerous methods of determining the quality of web content, rewarding those site owners who actually make an effort by boosting their visibility. As Penguin continues to evolve, spiking the value of your website through high quality content will continue to play a significant role.

Concentrate on Organic Link Building

The more external websites point bank to your own, the higher your visibility. The rationale is that a higher number of links is indication of a website’s popularity – the only problem is, there are plenty of dodgy methods of building links that Google has been cracking down on. With Penguin, the net is closing in and it won’t be long before participation in paid link schemes will result in a startling number of websites being de-listed from Google altogether. As a solution to this, only the pursuit of organic links is encouraged. Using any other method is simply asking for trouble.

Not everyone is capable of tackling an issue as complex as Penguin or Panda recovery initiatives. Considering the importance of following the letter of the search engine law, partnering with an SEO firm that can handle all of the intricacies for you should be a top priority. Visit www.digitalnetagency.com to learn more about DNA, a search agency that specializes in this unique SEO marketing challenge.


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(DNA) is a performance-based search agency with a concentration on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). DNA also offers social media marketing and affiliate management to their clients with the same innovative approach and expertise. Founded by a team of veteran search experts and technologists from Top 10 agencies, DNA is dedicated to partnering with clients to fuel growth while delivering maximum accountability through its performance-based models. DNA is based in Dallas, PA, with offices in New York City.

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