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SEO Tips for Emerging Brands

How well did you enjoy the last Google algorithm change?

For a lot people in the search optimization industry, the only answer might be “Not so much.” These are the folks who are muttering in their cubicles about Google always playing into the hands of the big brand and thinking they could compete if only the playing field were level.

But that kind of thinking gets you nowhere.

If you’re looking for a truly rock-solid SEO strategy, why not try this: Get good at marketing.

Those gigantic brands don’t dominate industries because they somehow worked out Google’s next move and then gamed the system. They dominate industries because they are excellent at getting their message out.

That’s good news, because you can become an excellent marketer as well. Here are a few SEO optimization tips to get you started.

Earn Your Links

Google has announced its love of natural links, so it makes sense to build your backlink profile around them. Unfortunately, that means it’s no longer enough to ask site owners to throw up a link to your page. Instead, you’ll have to earn that on-screen real estate.

You can do that two ways.

First, look inside your company and ask, “What are we doing that people want to know about?” Once you find the answer to that question, fire -up the PR machine and get the press releases and social media outreach rolling.

Quick tip: while you don’t want to overload your copy with anchor text (that may be omitted or not allowed by top distributors) you should link to correct page on your site. You have a lot of long tail keywords that you want to rank for, and linking to the correct page is not only good for SEO, it’s good for the reader!

The second thing you can do is look at your market and figure out who it’s not serving and what needs it’s not meeting. Then serve those people and meet those needs—or at least start a conversation that will get your concerns (and your company) noticed.

Address the needs of your desired audience. Don’t just tell them what you do or what products you have; tell them how you provide a solution to their problems.

Do these two things well and the links will follow.

Stop Thinking about Google and Start Thinking about Your Brand

Instead of tweaking your copy and optimizing your content to meet the requirements rumored to play an important role in SEO strategy this week, work on building your brand. Yes, SEO best practices will always be important, but beyond those, your time might be best spent covering the basics such as finding ways to differentiate your company from the competition. Have you thought lately about your unique selling points? If not, get started now.

Find An Angle

Let’s face it, going up against mega brands isn’t easy. They have deep pockets and smart people— but they also have liabilities. They can’t turn on a dime, and they can’t serve every niche audience adequately. Your business is smaller and more agile. Use those qualities to your advantage.

Find those smaller audiences that the big boys aren’t serving well and tailor your offerings and marketing to meet their needs.

In the end, you can concentrate on gaming Google or pleasing your customers. The latter is always the better bet, and oddly enough, if your excellence and your focus on customers shines through all you do, the excited online buzz about your brand might just be the only SEO tactic you’ll ever need.


Chris Graham

About Chris Graham

Chief Operating Officer at Digital Net Agency; Christopher began his advertising career in 1996 and has spent the past 7 years managing, developing and promoting competitive intelligence systems. Prior to DNA, Chris served as the Senior Vice President of Operations and Business Intelligence for Atrinsic where he oversaw the agency operations for Search, Display, Email, Affiliate and Business Intelligence. He has also served as Chief Revenue Officer of Syntryx, a privately held competitive intelligence company focused on the development of online marketing intelligence tools. Chris holds an MFA from Rutgers University and a BA from Austin Peay State University.

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